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Jumat, 15 April 2011

Interview >> Daisygirlz a.k.a Nemi

1) What is your name?

2) Why did you sign up for Stardoll?
I signed up because one friend I met introduced me to it.

3) Do you like Stardoll? explain why!
Yes, I do like it mainly because it's fun, and because I've met so many of my best friends here.

4) Who is the singer that you like? explain why!
I don't really have a favourite singer.. I'm more into bands and groups etc.

5) I wish what would you do if you are invited to take pictures and shopping with Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez?
I honestly wouldn't want to, but if I had to I'd choose Taylor Swift as she's so inspirational and full of creativity.
6) Who is the designer that you like, why?
I don't really have a favourite designer, but I do seem to have interest in Dior and Chanel. :)


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